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What Are The Features Of Canon Pixma Printer?

Canon printers as whole are the epitome of quality. To that end, the brand has launched several multifunctional printing devices that most often go beyond than just the printing functionality. Adhering to the same multi-faceted utilities Canon launched the Pixma, a multi-attribute printer with features galore. This all-in-one inkjet peripheral promises to go beyond the mundane affair we have been accustomed to when it comes to three in one printers. Apprehensions towards all the promise the brand makes can only be removed once we look deeper into it.

Canon Support Australia Gives You A Deeper Look Into The Printer’s Features

While the brand already represents quality, hype towards its features is always expected. Canon Pixma Printer have whole-heartedly accepted the touch based interface, the auto correction of documents, the wireless abilities to Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, the auto scan functionality, the easy print, the creative builds and many other facilities that you did not know you needed. While many of them might appear to be a little complementary, they sure would satisfy the artist in you.

Features Of Canon Pixma

  • Auto-Align The Documents: While putting your document on the tray for scanning, you might not always have time to align and unfold it properly. The Auto document fix feature is there in place for proper alignment and placement for the pages.
  • Auto-Photo Fix: A fairly new utility, this application helps in classification and correction for the photographs. While they might not have the same intense functionality of specialized software, the addition is definitely appreciated.
  • Auto-Scan Mode: This automates feature relaxes the need for manually initializing the scanning process. Once you input the paper, the auto-scan would analyze the document and save it in predetermined locations and format.
  • Bluetooth Inclusion: The Bluetooth allows you setup the printer fairly conveniently. Connected to the smart phones, this feature enables the user to set the peripherals in addition to receiving timely notifications.
  • CD/DVD Printing: with this feature, you can customize the covers for CDs and DVDs. For that purpose, the device has provided the users with a separate insertion panel for CD/DVD printing.
  • Creative Park: Adhering to its own roots of creativity, the Creative Park is an exclusive service that allows users to several downloads that entail scrapbooking templates, greeting cards and many more. To be more concise, this application allows the users to design, and print their own templates as well.
  • Integration Of ChromaLife Technology: the ChromaLife is a fairly new development that utilizes optimal combination of cartridge and software to create a well-contrasted image.
  • Easy Photoprint+: connecting the local systems as well as the social media, he EPP+ is a designing tool for images. While extremely robust, its features lack the same fidelity of the standard Photoshop software.
  • Precise Screen Capture: With Full HD movie print, a user can extract crisp, clear and precise images captured from Canon Cameras.
  • Smart Touch System: More meant for the aesthetics, this system illuminates the requisite buttons you would need to perform your desired function.
  • Memory Card Enabled: The peripheral provides a slot for memory card and thus enabling the user with direct printing
  • Quite Mode: Without losing the fidelity of the print quality, the quite mode promises to give a less noisy printing experience.
  • Filters: This additional utility allows the users to input creative filters to their images.

These features might as well be too much for a printer, but all of them do include a substantial usage. Nothing goes to waste. For more information regarding this printer, you can contact Canon Support technicians of Australia. They might be able to assist you to dig a bit deeper into its features. Therefore access to these features on your behest and let your artistic expression flow.

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